HUMBL and the Oregon BlackBears Deliver Innovative Digital Ticketing Program

HUMBL, a leading digital technology platform, has renewed and expanded its partnership with the Oregon Blackbears to deliver an innovative digital ticketing program and fan experience. HUMBL is built on fully-verified profiles and new digital technologies, improving the cost, transparency and digital authenticity of tickets for fans, teams, leagues and venues.

In any future 2024 home games, HUMBL and the Oregon Blackbears will continue incorporating new advancements in digital wallets and blockchain technology. HUMBL’s ticketing program aims to enhance the fan experience, while providing unprecedented levels of security and authenticity in ticketing and merchandise.

About HUMBL Tickets

HUMBL has developed a digital platform built on fully-verified profiles and digital wallets, allowing for reduced fees and improved authentication in ticketing.

  • Digital Identity: HUMBL is built on fully-verified profiles, allowing fans, buyers and sellers to ensure that they are performing a transaction with a verified counterparty in areas like digital payments, blockchain ticketing and authentic merchandise.
  • Digital Wallets: HUMBL’s digital wallet system allows fans to sell or transfer tickets directly without intermediaries, eliminating excessive middleman fees and cumbersome processes.
  • Blockchain-Authenticated Tickets: HUMBL Tickets has introduced blockchain-based NFT-PMs (Non-Fungible Tokens with Private Metadata) for ticket issuance. These tokens combine public metadata (event date and location) with private metadata (specific event and seating details). Fans can now enjoy secure, verifiable tickets that are resistant to fraud and counterfeiting, which has been a major issue in the current ticketing markets.
  • Digital Certificates of Authenticity: The HUMBL Token Engine also creates Certificates of Authenticity (COA’s), allowing fans to collect authenticated merchandise that establishes tracking and provenance, mitigating fraud and counterfeiting of jerseys, footballs and more.

Reduced Fees and Enhanced Authentication in Ticketing

Reduces Fees: Traditional ticket reselling often involves high fees charged by brokers or platforms. With HUMBL Tickets, these exorbitant fees can be significantly reduced, ensuring that sellers can retain more from their sales and buyers don’t overpay on junk fees.

Eliminates Middlemen: Ticket holders can sell their tickets on any digital asset marketplace or directly to another individual without the intervention of secondary market merchants. This process is more straightforward and secure, thanks to blockchain.

Prevents Counterfeiting: The unique, cryptographic proof of a blockchain-authenticated ticket makes it virtually impossible to forge or duplicate, addressing a common problem in the ticketing industry around the world.

Ensures Authenticity: Every transaction (sale or transfer) of a blockchain-authenticated ticket is recorded on the blockchain, providing a transparent history of its ownership, sale and transfer. This traceability helps buyers ensure they are purchasing legitimate tickets.

Enhanced Security and Privacy: By keeping specific ticket details private, the HUMBL’s system safeguards sensitive information from public exposure, enhancing security and privacy for the ticket holder in their digital wallet.

HUMBL and the Oregon Blackbears Have Delivered a Successful Ticketing Program

“We have had a great experience so far with HUMBL as a company and service provider,” said Oregon Blackbears President, Pat Johnson. “HUMBL has been working through the kinks with us over the past three home contests and we are very pleased with the progress that we both have made together,” continued Johnson. “We are excited to be the first pro sports test case for HUMBL as they prepare their technologies for global scaling. We look forward to working with Brian and his team for the remainder of our 2024 season, and in future home games for the Oregon Blackbears, showcasing how new digital technologies can disrupt the ticketing industry here at our arena and with other pro teams and leagues around the world.”

In addition to renewing with HUMBL Tickets for the remainder of any 2024 home games, the Oregon Blackbears have expanded their agreement with HUMBL to include the development of an Oregon Blackbears mobile application, HUMBL Authentics merchandise and streaming integrations.

HUMBL’s New Verified Technologies Can Disrupt the Digital Ticketing Market

“With the latest legal filings by the US Justice Department against Live Nation, Inc. and Ticketmaster, the market has never been more appropriate for companies like HUMBL to reduce junk fees, improve fraud and forgery controls and deliver a safer, cheaper and more innovative customer experience in digital ticketing,” said Brian Foote, CEO of HUMBL. “The Blackbears have been an excellent test case for HUMBL to test and refine our model and we have appreciated the opportunity to do so in a pro sports and arena environment.”


HUMBL is a digital technology platform with core product lines including the HUMBL Wallet, and HUMBL Authentics. HUMBL is built on fully-verified profiles, allowing consumers to have more trusted digital transactions, in areas like chat, payments, ticketing and merchandise sales. HUMBL has performed digital integrations with athletes and teams from the NCAA, MLB, UFC, WNFC, NASCAR Xfinity, World Surfing, World Rugby and more.