Bears defeat Wolfpack in Pre-Season Game

4/20  - 

The Oregon Black Bears and the Washington Wolfpack clashed in what marked the inaugural and sole preseason encounter of the season for both teams. With the regular season looming, this matchup served as a crucial test for each squad, as they meticulously evaluated their roster depth and talent. Both coaching staffs opted to extensively rotate their lineups, affording ample playing time to various players vying for coveted spots on the final roster. 

The game unfolded as a fierce battle, with every snap and play scrutinized for its potential impact on the team's composition moving forward. From promising rookies to seasoned veterans, each athlete seized the opportunity to showcase their skills and stake their claim for a place on the active roster come Monday's roster deadline.

Intensity permeated the atmosphere as the Black Bears and the Wolfpack traded blows, each side relentlessly pursuing victory in this preseason showdown. The scoreboard painted a picture of nail-biting suspense, with neither team relenting in their pursuit of dominance.

In the end, it was the Oregon Black Bears who emerged victorious, clinching a hard-fought 24-22 triumph over their rivals from Washington. The final whistle heralded not just a preseason win, but also crucial insights for the coaching staff as they deliberated over the composition of their respective rosters. With decisions looming, every player's performance carried weight, making this preseason clash a pivotal moment in shaping the teams' trajectories for the impending regular season.

The Black Bears and Wolfpack are set to face off again next week 4/27 in the first regular season league game.